Physicians Disease Reporting

Reporting of communicable diseases is required under Oregonstatute and allowed by HIPAA. Get more information on Oregon statutes and rules about physician and laboratory reporting.

For general questions about communicable diseases, call the Communicable Disease Nurse of the Day at 503-988-3406 (Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm).

How do I report a disease?

Physicians may report a number of communicable diseases to local health departments in Oregon. Diseases requiring immediate reporting can be done through Multnomah County Health Department 24/7. If you call the main number (503) 988-3406 after hours, your call will be transferred to an answering service that will locate an on-call county doctor or nurse to whom you can report. View a list of physician-reportable diseases and conditions in Oregon.

What if my patient is not from Multnomah County?

Reporting phone numbers for each county in the state are located on the back of the list of physician-reportable diseases. View information from the DHS website on how to contact Portland metro counties and other Oregon counties.