Budget Office

The Budget Office provides the board, chair and departments with financial information, forecasting, program and financial analysis and ensures that budget processes comply with applicable laws.

It is responsible for the annual budget and for helping departments prepare and administer their budgets.






About our 2014 Budget Cover:

Art Submitted by: Lisa Krzmarzick,
Department of Community Justice

“This is a painting I did early last year in acrylics of a Great Blue Heron.  These prehistoric-looking birds can be found everywhere in Multnomah County; such as along the Willamette River fishing for breakfast; in the fields between the runways at the Portland International Airport, seemingly greeting tourists and returning locals; and flying above the Columbia River in the gorge, gliding through the air for long stretches at a time.  I painted this as a tribute to my late grandfather, whom I called 'Happy'.  Whenever I see one, I think of him and smile.”