County Employee Wellness Program

We offer wellness programs, services and classes for county employees, eligible family members and eligible retirees. However, some programs and services are limited to just employee participation. Our offerings include but are not limited to the following:


County Wellness Fitness Centers

The Multnomah County Wellness Program operates two large employee Wellness Fitness Centers which give employees a clean, safe and enjoyable place to exercise for general fitness purposes.


Employee Assistance Program

UNUM Provident EAP is available to help county employees and their family members find solutions for everyday challenges. In addition, this resource is available to provide assistance to county managers in need of consultation, provide drug/alcohol follow-up services, workgroup assistance, and worksite post-traumatic incident response.


Employee Health and Wellness Fairs and Seminars

We offer wellness fairs and seminars to educate employees and connect them with resources.

Health Club Discount Offer

Multnomah County employees and eligible retirees have access to health club discounts and much more through GlobalFit's GetActive program.


Health and Wellness Information

Employee newsletter, brochures, articles from health and professional publications, Commons site with links to community services and organizations.


Incentives Program

Wellness mini-grants for work groups, personal trainer offer, weight management subsidy, and awards for work group challenges.


Lactation Equipment Loan Program

As an employer, Multnomah County recognizes the importance of assisting nursing mothers with their return to work and as a result, the County‚Äôs Wellness Program makes it easier for nursing mothers to return to their jobs and continue to breastfeed. 


ODS and Kaiser Healthcare Services

Lifestyle coaching, online interactive health risk assessment tools, weight management services and much more.


Wellness Fitness Classes

A range of high to low impact worksite fitness classes open to employees, eligible family members, and eligible retirees.


Wellness Library

A variety of fitness dvds for loan through the County Wellness office.  This offer is only available to Multnomah County benefit eligible employees.



Email or call 503-988-3477.

County employees can visit County Wellness on Commons.