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Read the strategies and tools Basic Rights Oregon presented re: how to do outreach to LGBT and other diverse communities. Watch the video too!

Forty people from the county, non-profits, and other local governments throughout the Portland metro area attended the workshop on Wednesday, February 19th.

Attend our free workshop: How does Basic Rights Oregon do successful outreach to diverse populations?

Join us as Basic Rights Oregon (BRO) leads a workshop about its experience conducting outreach to targeted populations, including the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and other minority communities. The presentation will cover BRO’s:

What should Multnomah County spend your tax dollars on? Take this short survey to tell the county commissioners.

For more than a decade Multnomah County has had to make reductions to the general fund it uses to pay for services. While some reductions will continue to take place this year, some limited funding is available to minimally expand some services or improve critical infrastructure. Your input will convey to the Board of County Commissioners which services to prioritize as they allocate your tax dollars. The survey results will be analyzed in a report that each commissioner will receive and presented to the board during one of its meeting.

2014 Citizen Budget Advisory Committees kick into gear with orientation for members

Approximately 45 people attended the orientation for Citizen Budget Advisory Committee (CBAC) members on January 7th. The CBAC members are from the public and have no connection financially to the county. They serve on nine committees that will make recommendations to the board of county commissioners about funding next year for programs in major departments and offices. Between now and April the CBACs will meet multiple times to hear presentations and ask questions of department directors and program managers.

Do you have ideas for improving public transportation service and infrastructure in the near- and long-term?

Do you have ideas for improving public transportation service and infrastructure in the near- and long-term? Contribute them by joining the conversation happening now through 2014. Two coordinated efforts are taking place in Multnomah County for planning the improvements:

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