Diversity Outreach Workshops

Diversity Outreach Workshops are CIC-sponsored trainings in which staff from local organizations share successful strategies for conducting outreach to underrepresented populations. 

The 90-minute "brown-bag" workshops are intended to assist county staff and community organizations in creatively expanding their outreach efforts—especially their outreach to a variety of cultural and minority communities. During the workshops, a community or government organization presents their "nuts and bolts" experiences when conducting their outreach to diverse communities. The workshops typically provide information about:

  • Evaluating and improving the effectiveness of the organization's outreach and community involvement efforts
  • Discovering and adopting new strategies for earning greater public trust in the engagement process
  • Specific tools that have and haven't worked when conducting outreach

Trainings take place two to four times a year, at the Multnomah Building and at the Annual Northwest Public Employees Diversity Conference which is held in October. Past program presenters have included the U.S. Small Business AdministrationOregon Food Bank, Coalition of Communities of Color, Regional Arts & Culture CouncilCentral City ConcernCommunity Energy ProjectMultnomah Youth Commission, Our United Villages, Vision Into Action, Sisters of the Road, and Elders in Action.

Experience past workshops:

Go to a video and a summary of the workshop conducted by the U.S. Small Business Administration in August 2013.

See a summary of the workshop a
bout creating inclusive and multicultural partnerships with other organizations that was conducted at the Northwest Public Employees Diversity Conference in October 2012.

See Central City Concern's Powerpoint along with a summary of their tips for conducting successful outreach from their workshop in May 2012.

See a summary of the workshops about expanding collaborations with other organizations that were conducted at the Northwest Public Employees Diversity Conference in October 2011.

See a Powerpoint summary of the workshop conducted by the Community Energy Project in August 2011.

Go to a video and a summary of the workshop conducted by Elders in Action in February 2011.

Go to a video and a summary of the workshop conducted by Sisters Of The Road in August 2010.