(not including adults with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities)

An Aging and People with Disabilities license allows the operator to serve people ages 18 to 100 and beyond. Most operators with this license for choose to serve adults over the age of 65.

Multnomah County needs more Adult Care Homes to serve younger disabled individuals. Many younger disabled people have suddenly and unexpectedly become disabled due to an accident, onset of a disease, or multiple disabling medical problems. The loss of independence can be hard to accept, and moving forward in life can be a challenge and require support and encouragement.

Younger disabled adults (ages 18 to 64) generally prefer to live with others in their age group. Younger adults tend to want to go out into the community regularly, meet friends, and have opportunities to learn, volunteer, work, and socialize.

They may have goals they need assistance with, such as finding a part-time job, learning to walk, or becoming independent enough to move to a more independent setting. A home assisting this population needs to offer appropriate activities and outings to support residents.

You might consider operating an all-male home for men in their fifties who enjoy being around their peers, or who may not be appropriate for a home with female residents. Perhaps you have experience supporting younger people with mental illness, addictions, Traumatic Brain Injury, or Multiple Sclerosis.

You might consider focusing on a particular diagnosis, age group, or all-male or all-female home. Tap into your skills, and create a rewarding private business helping younger disabled people lead full and satisfying lives. 

Operating a home for younger disabled adults can be an option if you want to work with people with Developmental Disabilities, but do not have enough experience to get a contract with the county's Developmental Disabilities Division. Your skills might be transferable to the younger population.