Assertive Engagement Train-the-Trainer Cohort

In 2017, we launched the first AE train-the-trainer cohort with the goals of building agencies' and partners' internal AE training and support capacity, as well as improving the overall AE curriculum and building skills and connections.

Cohort members attend two 2-day convenings to grow and share skills. Between convenings, cohort members co-train in our monthly AE trainings and provide trainings within their agencies.

We offer individualized coaching and peer support to cohort members so that when each cohort wraps up, members have a strong network and stronger skills to support AE within their organizations.

Announcing the 2018/19 AE Train-the-Trainer Cohort!

Thanks to our first cohort, we learned a lot about how to effectively support facilitators. Those cohort members who went through the experience with someone else from their agency shared that this was very useful for building AE capacity and encouraged us to continue that opportunity.To that end, you'll notice that there are multiple folks from the same organization on the list. 

Please welcome our second cohort, and look forward to seeing them in our upcoming trainings!

  • Alexandra Appleton, Transition Projects
  • Joyclyn Bell, Self Enhancement, Inc.
  • Aly'ce Brannon-Reid, Portland Parks and Recreation 
  • Avery Browning, Transition Projects
  • Delores Burgos, NAYA Family Center
  • Talitha Cassidy, WorkSource Portland Metro-SE/SE Works
  • Quinn Colling, JOIN
  • Melany Desrochers, Latino Network
  • Brenda Dolan, Mt. Hood Community College - Early Head Start
  • Michelle Fitzsimmons, Mt. Hood Community College - Head Start
  • Carrie Fuentes, SMYRC and Bridge 13 at New Avenues for Youth 
  • Sherani Hill, Multnomah County Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities - Children and Young Adults Program 
  • Marquea Holford, Human Solutions 
  • Natascha Hottges-Ortiz, Multnomah County Adult Care Home Program 
  • Emily Kamm, Raphael House
  • Gina Kim-Folston, Impact NW
  • Vanessa La Torre, Latino Network
  • Natalya Manning, Impact NW
  • Sahar Muranovic, IRCO 
  • Pilar Palos, Hacienda CDC
  • Fernando Pena, JOIN
  • Amy Ruff, New Avenues for Youth
  • Lisa Sin, IRCO 
  • Anna Vo, Impact NW
  • Jill Whiteford, Catholic Charities/El Programa Hispano
  • Barbara Wolfe, NAYA Family Center/Healing Circle

The cohort will meet for the first time this fall and go through Spring, co-facilitating and connecting with one another and the AE community! 

AE Train-the-Trainer Alumni List 2017/18 

  • Jennifer Bestulic (Multnomah County Department of County Human Service Quality Improvement Team)
  • Bill Boyd (JOIN)
  • Ashley Carroll (Multnomah County Domestic and Sexual Violence Coordination Office, Youth and Family Services Division)
  • Robin Davis (Joint Office of Homeless Services)
  • LeeAnne Eivers (West Women's and Children's Shelter)
  • Cameron Foster (Self Enhancement Inc.)
  • Lena Fox (Metropolitan Family Service)
  • Emily Gardner (Multnomah County Youth and Family Services Data Team)
  • Raychel Gary (Multnomah County Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities)
  • Nicolette Hall (Self Enhancement Inc.)
  • Kiera Hansen (Bradley Angle) 
  • Amethyst Hoos (Transition Projects)
  • Clara Johnson (Urban League of Portland)
  • Deonica Johnson (Human Solutions)
  • Tiffany Kingery (Joint Office of Homeless Services)
  • Salome Nanyenga (Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization - Africa House) 
  • Steph Ng Ping Cheung (Bradley Angle)
  • Melissa McCoy (Latino Network)
  • Dana-Rae Parker (Multnomah County Adult Home Care Program)
  • Laura Paz-Whitmore (Multnomah County Mental Health and Addictions)
  • Walter Rodriguez (Multnomah County SUN Service System, Youth and Family Services Division) 
  • Irina Rudenko (Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization)
  • Lawashia Smith (Transition Projects)
  • Emily Squires (SMYRC at New Avenues for Youth)
  • Helen Vank (Metropolitan Family Service) 
  • Gabe Wright (211Info)


  • Stephanie Simmons (Multnomah County Housing and AntiPoverty/Multnomah Stability Initiative, Youth and Family Services Division) 
  • Armin Tolentino (Multnomah County SUN Service System, Youth and Family Services Division) 
  • tash shatz (Multnomah County Youth and Family Services Division)