Once a manufactured structure has been de-titled, it is considered real property for property tax assessment purposes.  If it later needs to be moved to a different site, it must be re-titled.

General Instructions:

  1. Contact a title company to purchase a lot book for your property not more than 7 days before filing your application.
  2. Complete and sign Form 5175 (Application to Remove Manufactured Home From County Deed Records)
  3. Complete and sign Form 5158 (County Manufactured Home Notification for Used Homes)
  4. File Form 5158 with the Tax Collector and pay fees.
  5. Record Form 5175 with Multnomah County Recording (recording fees will apply)

If ownership is changing or the home is being moved, refer to the appropriate instructions.

Both County Recording and Tax Collections are located at:

Multnomah Building - DART Customer Service Lobby
501 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Suite 175
Portland OR 97214