Eligibility for COBRA coverage is reported by Multnomah County to the insurance plans each Wednesday. If a COBRA participant's premium for that month of coverage has not been received, eligibility will not be reported. Subsequently, if participant pays their premium after the Wednesday transmission, COBRA continuation coverage will be retroactively reinstated during the next regularly scheduled eligibility transmission to the insurance carrier (going back to the first day of the coverage period) when the monthly payment is received. This means that any claim you submit for benefits while your coverage is suspended (including prescriptions) may be denied and may have to be resubmitted once your coverage is reinstated.

Example: Eligibility for March coverage is reported to carriers on February 25, but Sue Smith's March COBRA premium has not been received. No eligibility for March coverage will be reported to the carrier on February 25. March premium for member is received on March 20. Eligibility for March coverage will be reported to the carrier on the following Wednesday - in this case, March 25.

To prevent a lapse in coverage, participants should consider either making COBRA premium payments before the last Wednesday of the prior month or signing up for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) for automatic withdrawal of COBRA premiums from a checking or savings account. Participants who sign up for EFT will have their COBRA eligibility automatically reported to the insurance plans during the final week of the month.