If your medical and dental benefits ended with the county due to your leave of absence or termination of employment and you have an approved LTD claim, you may qualify to have Multnomah County pay up to 6 months of your COBRA premiums. This provision is available to employees in the following groups only:

  • Local 88
  • Management and Non-Represented Employees

Upon receiving notification from UNUM regarding LTD status, the Employee Benefits Office will notify any affected employees by mail if they qualify to receive 6 months of County-paid COBRA coverage. If you have been notified that you qualify, you must complete the COBRA Election Form sent to you as part of your Notice of Right to Elect COBRA Continuation Coverage and return it to our office. If you need another copy of your COBRA notice, you can request one by contacting our office.

After we receive your COBRA Election Form, we will process your enrollment into COBRA with the insurance plans and mail you a confirmation of receipt. If you no longer qualify for County-paid COBRA coverage (for example, you no longer have an approved LTD claim, you have exhausted the six months County paid coverage, or you no longer meet other eligibility requirements) you may continue your COBRA coverage on a self-pay basis. We will mail you payment coupons specifying the amount due once your County-paid coverage ends. If you do not receive these coupons, you should contact our office immediately to avoid loss of coverage and loss of your rights to continue coverage under COBRA.