You must select one option from the medical choices available.

See the medical plan comparison chart and the dental plan comparison chart outlining the major components of each plan.

Medical Plan Choices:

Prescription drug coverage is included with all medical plan options except Opt-Out.
Vision coverage is included with Performance PPO, Preferred PPO and Kaiser Permanente plans only.

Dental Plan Choices:

ENROLLMENT PERIOD: Newly hired employees must complete their Benefit Enrollment in Workday during the 31 days immediately following their hire date.

DEFAULT ENROLLMENT: If you do not submit a Benefit enrollment form during this new hire enrollment period, at the end of the 31-day period you will be enrolled in the following plan:

  • Full-time employees - Moda Major Medical PPO Plan and the Delta Dental Plan with employee-only coverage;
  • Part-time employees – Moda Major Medical PPO Plan with employee-only coverage.

There will be no opportunity to change this default enrollment until the next annual open enrollment period or recognized family status change.

EMPLOYEES WHO CAN ENROLL: Permanent full-time and part-time employees and their eligible dependents are eligible for County-sponsored health plan coverage. Part-time employees are those employees working .5 FTE to .79 FTE or 20 to 31.9 hours per week. All employees are subject to premium sharing for elected coverage. The amount of your premium sharing is based on the plan choice you make and the number of family members you elect to enroll. Please review the enclosed rate sheets for premium sharing information on each plan offered.


  • Your legal spouse or domestic partner: To enroll a spouse or domestic partner, an employee must also complete an Affidavit of Marriage/Domestic Partnership form. County benefit plans are structured under IRS regulations. Enrollment of a Domestic Partner creates a tax event for the employee that reduces take-home pay.
  • Children who are under age 26 and are the employee's biological child, step-child, adopted child*, child in employee's custody pending adoption*, a child for whom employee is required by court order to provide coverage, child for which the employee is a court appointed legal guardian* (up to the age of majority, or age specified by the court), or biological/adopted child of domestic partner.  *Copies of legal documents/adoption/placement for adoption must accompany enrollment form.

IMPUTED INCOME TAX FOR DOMESTIC PARTNERS AND THEIR CHILDREN: The County allows coverage of a broader range of family members than the IRS recognizes as tax eligible dependents. If you enroll a non-IRS eligible dependent (such as a domestic partner or child of a domestic partner), you will be required to pay tax on the value of that non-IRS eligible dependent’s coverage. This is referred to as an imputed income tax. If you have questions about the amount of additional tax you would pay for the coverage of a non-IRS eligible dependent, please contact the Employee Benefits Office for an estimate.


You may receive a payment in lieu of County medical coverage. To elect this option, you must complete the Opt-Out Affidavit.

Opt-Out payment monthly amounts:

  • Full-time employees - $250.00
  • Part-time employees - $125.00.
  • IUOE members: this is broken into semi-monthly payments (subject to taxes).
  • FOPPO members and Prosecuting Attorneys: will occur semi-monthly to your tax-free HRA VEBA account.

You can still enroll in a dental plan, but there is no payment for opting-out of dental coverage.

You are not eligible for an Opt-Out payments during any period you are in unpaid status.

How To Sign Up

New employees must enroll in their medical and/or dental plan using Workday within 31 days of hire date. Failure to submit an enrollment form during this period will result in Default Enrollment for the employee..

COVERAGE BEGIN DATE: Medical and Dental Plan coverage begins on the first of the month following enrollment except if the first day of the month is your initial working day, and enrollment is completed on or before that date, coverage becomes effective on the first.

ELIGIBILITY CHANGES: Employees are responsible to report subsequent eligibility changes for their enrolled family members due to additions to the family (by marriage, birth, etc.) and to remove dependents that are no longer eligible for coverage by completing and submitting a Benefit Change through Workday. When ending coverage of a spouse/domestic partner due to a divorce/end domestic partnership, a Statement of Dissolution of Marriage/Domestic Partnership webform must also be completed. When you have such an event, regardless of when you report the eligibility change, the former spouse’s coverage is terminated retroactive to the end of the month in which the divorce was final; the former domestic partner’s coverage is terminated retroactive to the end of the month in which the partnership dissolved. Failure to report these changes may result in the employee being billed for benefits used by the former spouse/partner after the date of divorce/dissolution.

The County allows employees a 60-day period to report the addition of a new dependent, or the cancellation of coverage for ineligible dependents. However, we encourage employees to provide this notification as soon as possible.

  • Failure to request enrollment of a new dependent during this 60-day period will mean you cannot enroll the dependent until the next annual open enrollment.
  • Failure to report an ineligible dependent within 60 days of the eligibility loss event may result in the County recovering the cost of claims paid on behalf of that dependent during the period of ineligibility. The termination of coverage will be based on the date of the event causing coverage loss – not the date the event is reported.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Federal COBRA (the opportunity to continue coverage for a former dependent by paying the entire premium) regulations require an employee to report a dependent’s loss of eligibility within 60 days of the eligibility loss event. Failure to report eligibility loss during this 60-day period causes a forfeiture of the terminated dependent’s COBRA rights.