Below is a list of all the medical plans offered by the County.  But not all plans apply to you - it depends on your bargaining unit/union.

Coverage is available to you, the employee and immediate family, i.e. spouse or domestic partner and eligible dependent children.

Kaiser Plan: Available to all employee groups except DSA/CD (Deputy Sheriffs and Civil Deputies)
      See the Evidence of Coverage (EOC) for plan details. 

Kaiser Standard Grandfathered - HMO Plan: Available only to DSA/CD (Deputy Sheriffs and Civil Deputies). 
      See the Evidence of Coverage (EOC) for plan details.

Kaiser Maintenance - HMO Deductible Plan: Available only to Part-time Employees and Retirees.
      See the Evidence of Coverage (EOC) for plan details.

Moda Platinum Plan - PPO Plan: Available to AFSCME Local 88, Non-Represented, IBEW, ONA, JCSS, Painters, and Physicians.
      See the Summary Plan Description (SPD) for plan details.

Moda Performance Plan - PPO Plan: Available to DSA/CD, MCCDA, IUOE, FOPPO, and Prosecuting Attorneys
      See the Summary Plan Description (SPD) for plan details.

Moda Preferred Plan - PPO Plan: Available to DSA/CD, MCCDAIUOEFOPPO, and Prosecuting Attorneys
      See the Summary Plan Description (SPD) for plan details.

Moda Major Medical - PPO Plan: Available to Local 88, Non-Represented, IBEW, ONA, JCSS, Painters, and Physicians.
      See the Summary Plan Description (SPD) for plan details.

Moda Major Medical - PPO Plan: Available to DSA/CD, MCCDA, IUOE, FOPPO, and Prosecuting Attorneys.
      See the Summary Plan Description (SPD) for plan details.

Opt-Out - If you have other medical coverage, you can decline County medical coverage and receive a incentive payment.  

Prescription drug coverage is included with each medical plan option.

Vision coverage in included where indicated.

Full-time employees and their eligible dependents are eligible to enroll in County-sponsored medical/vision plan coverage. All employees are subject to premium sharing for coverage. Please review the appropriate rate sheet for premium sharing information.

Permanent part-time employees (.5 FTE to .79 FTE or 20 to less than 32 hours per week) and their eligible dependents are eligible to receive employer paid medical benefits for the Major Medical Plan. Permanent part-time employees may elect to enroll in any available medical plan and pay the required payroll deduction. Please review the comparison sheets for more details.

Employees may also elect to Opt-out of medical coverage for an in lieu of coverage payment with proof of other coverage under another health plan. For example, if you are covered under a spouse or domestic partner's insurance, you may elect to "Opt-out" of the County plans. The payment is recorded on the second paycheck of each month. Cash payments are subject to taxes charged at the supplemental rate. Opt-out payments are not available during an unpaid leave of absence.

Vision Coverage

Employee's Vision Coverage is associated with their medical coverage through Kaiser Permanente (HMO plan), Performance PPO Plan (claims processed by VSP) or Preferred PPO Plan (claims processed by VSP) or Platinum PPO Plan (claims processed by VSP)