Plan Comparison Charts for 2021

2021 Medical Plan Comparison Chart (pdf)

2021 Dental Plan Comparison Chart (pdf)

2021 Medical/Dental Costs

2021 Medical/Dental Plan Costs for JCSS and Physicians (pdf)

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Plan Changes for 2021

New Medical Plans: Kaiser 10/20 & Moda PPO 400

Kaiser 10/20 plan replaces Kaiser plan.

Moda PPO 400 plan replaces Moda Platinum plan.

  • Annual deductible now $400 per individual up to $1,200 max per family (was $300/$900).
  • Max out-of-pocket costs increasing to $2,000 individual up to $6,000 max for family (was $1,900/$5,700).
  • Cost changes for in-network, non-preventive care office visits (new structure):
    • Now members do not need to pay coinsurance costs or meet deductible for these visits, only copays (unless additional services provided).
    • Primary Care copay: $20
    • Specialist copay: $40
  • Chronic Condition Management benefit:
    • No deductible or office visit copays for certain chronic conditions:
      • Asthma, diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.
      • Mental health and chemical dependency.
  • Moda PPO 400 Summary of Benefits and Coverage.pdf
  • Moda Medical Side-by-Side Comparison

New Dental Plans: Kaiser Dental 15 & Delta Dental 50

Kaiser Dental 15 replaces Kaiser Dental.

Delta Dental 50 replaces Delta Dental

Premium Cost Changes

  • Kaiser 10/20 Medical: +6.7% increased from 2020 Kaiser Standard costs
  • Kaiser Maintenance Medical: +7.7%
  • Kaiser Dental 15: -1.5%.
  • Moda PPO 400 Medical: +7.9% increased from 2020 Moda Platinum costs
  • Moda Major Medical: +8.5%
  • Delta Dental 50: +10.3%.
  • Willamette Dental: 0%.

Kaiser Medical Plan Changes:

  • Insulin: Cost of insulin is now subject to the deductible and will not exceed $100 per 30-day supply.
  • Continuous glucose monitors are not covered under durable medical equipment.
  • Infertility treatments now apply to your Out-of-Pocket Maximum.

Moda Medical Plan Changes:

  • Infusion therapy now only covered at preferred treatment centers as directed by new service: MagellanRx.

Dental Plan Changes:

  • No significant plan changes for any of our dental plans.