Consistent with the needs of the County, leaves of absence without pay may be granted for periods up to one year. Leaves for longer periods, other than for military leave, Peace Corps, or Vista service, will usually not be granted.

While on leave without pay for more than 30 days, medical and dental insurance coverage may be continued on a self-paid basis according to federal guidelines. Contact Employee Benefits for length of time and application procedures. Employees on FMLA should contact Employee Benefits regarding medical and dental coverage while they are on leave.

Union Business

An employee elected to any union office or selected by the union to do work which takes them away from their job may apply for a leave of absence without pay. Refer to your collective bargaining agreement.

Military Leave

The County will grant paid and unpaid leave for military training and service. Click here Military Leave FAQ's (20.33 KB) for more information and also please contact your Human Resource Department.

Educational Leave

A leave of absence may be granted for educational purposes. For more information please contact your Human Resource Department.

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