In 2011, the Oregon Legislature and Gov. John Kitzhaber passed a law creating coordinated care organizations (CCOs) to improve the quality and continuity of health care delivery to people who access care through the Oregon Health Plan, Oregon’s Medicaid program. The Oregon Health Policy Board delivered a proposal  to implement the creation and oversight of these new locally-governed entities on Jan. 24, 2012.

Feb. 2012: The Oregon Legislature approved the final CCO implementation plan.

March 2012: The Oregon Health Authority  will apply for federal waivers in how Medicaid funds can be used in for care in a CCO and apply for federal grants to implement transformation.

The Oregon Health Authority will issue the application for those seeking to form a coordinated care organization.

April 2, 2012:  Applicants submit letters of intent to form a CCO.

Spring 2012: CCO applicants will submit an application to demonstrate if they meet criteria.

May 2012:  Oregon Health Authority will evaluate applications.

June 2012: Oregon Health Authority will certify the first CCOs.

Summer 2012: First CCOs begin enrolling clients for care.

Nov. 1, 2012: Fifteen CCOs are now in operation and serving 90% of Oregon Health Plan members. The two in Multnomah County being FamilyCare, Inc. and Health Share of Oregon.

Jan. 1, 2013: FamilyCare, Inc., will cease to renew PremierCare Select Rx and will change from their PremierCare Advantage Rx to MyPlan E, launching their new plan.

PremierCare Select Rx March 1, 2013: The Biennial Implementation Plan (BIP) will be submitted to the Addictions and Mental Health Division (AMH).

June 2013: The health reform begins in the Portland area and will incorporate changes and new additions.

August 1, 2013: The Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS) for Health Share of Oregon will stop providing the health plan assignments of its members. Offices will register as new users on their new provider portal.

Oct. 2013: Cover Oregon will begin to take effect, which will allow people to shop for the right health insurance plan.