June 10, 2010

Today the Board of County Commissioners adopted its budget for Fiscal Year 2011, which begins July 1, 2010 and ends June 30, 2011. In crafting the budget, the Board of County Commissioners grappled with a General Fund deficit, which is estimated at $5.4 million for FY 2011 and projected to increase up to $14 million for FY 2012, due to the continuing weak state of the economy.

The Board voted 5-0 to approve the budget, which includes a total of $336.4 million in General Fund department or program allocations, out of a $1.4 billion dollar total, to provide the county’s 715,000 residents with a wide range of health and human services, public safety, libraries, roads, bridges and other community services.

The Board voted to allow the District Attorney additional flexibility in implementing funding reductions within that office. Due to additional looming budget reductions from the state of Oregon in Fiscal Year 2011 and Fiscal Year 2012, the Board voted to move a number of proposals into “contingency” status, meaning the Board will review those proposals in more detail and make determinations about funding programs at a later date. Proposals moved into contingency status include a non-profit hotel, a classification and compensation study for executive management, the “Working Smart” business efficiency initiative and other programs for mental health services and hunger relief.

“Crafting this budget after 10 years of successive reductions to county programs and services was a difficult task,” said Multnomah County Chair Jeff Cogen. “I am proud of the work the Board has accomplished to ensure that the county remains fiscally responsible, in spite of an increased demand for our services and while the need for even more cuts looms on the horizon.”

The final adopted budget will be posted to the county’s website in mid-July. Additional information, including the proposed budget, all program offers and prior year budgets can be found at the Budget Office website.