Current traffic lane, sidewalk and bike lane closures on Multnomah County bridges

  • Broadway Bridge (Summer 2018): All traffic lanes and sidewalks have reopened.  There will be occasional single lane closures at offpeak times while the contractor completes wrap up tasks at the end of the Rall Wheel Replacement Project. Project website.
  • Burnside Bridge (April 2017 - December 2019). Two eastbound traffic lanes and one westbound lane are open until the project is completed in late 2019.  Bicyclists and pedestrians use shared paths on the north and south sides of the bridge.  In March and April 2018, lanes of Naito Parkway under the bridge are closed at times while the contractor repairs the bridge above the road.  At least one lane of Naito Parkway is always open in both directions.  Project website.

Multnomah County's Willamette River Bridges: Broadway, Burnside, Hawthorne, Morrison, Sauvie Island and Sellwood

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Seven other Willamette River bridges in Multnomah County are maintained by different owners:

Multnomah County is repairing three Willamette River Bridges in 2017. Below are updates on construction and how traffic will be affected.


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