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Sellwood Bridge in snow

If your vehicle address has changed from that printed on your Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) renewal notice and moved into or out of Multnomah County, the registration fee you owe is different from the fee shown on the renewal notice.

How to renew your vehicle registration fee if you have moved

Due to Multnomah County's vehicle fee, DMV needs to review all address changes to ensure correct fees are paid. Address changes can no longer be submitted at DEQ. If your vehicle address has changed into or out of Multnomah County, you will need to submit your address change to DMV and renew your registration at a DMV field office or mail it to DMV. To find out options for online renewal, call Portland DMV at 503-299-9999. For information on DMV field offices and mailing addresses, visit

How to renew if you have not moved

If there are no changes to your vehicle address, you may renew at a DEQ inspection station after passing the emissions test or renew online at