February 13, 2019

Hamilton Construction and their subcontractors continue to work on Burnside Bridge repairs above SE 2nd Ave. Here's an update on the work this week and next:

  • Skatepark:  Work that require contractor equipment on the floor of the skatepark is complete.  Any remaining work can be done from equipment based outside the park. The skatepark is open for use. We appreciate the patience of park users during the repairs.
  • 2nd Ave.: A traffic lane on 2nd Ave. is closed under the bridge during weekday work hours. This work should wrap up at the end of February.
  • AMR and Pacific Fruit/Rose City Lots:  The contractor is working on the bridge above these private parking lots, grinding and injecting epoxy in cracks. The contractor needs to work in small work zones, to minimize the number of parking spaces closed by the work.  Work in this area should be done by the first week in March.
  • Traffic Switch on Bridge:  The contractor now expects to reopen the south lanes to traffic and close the north lanes after the weekend of March 9-10 or shortly after. The project is still scheduled to be complete this November.
    Worker below Burnside Bridge girder after crack injection.