A view from river level shows the Burnside's two towers against a deep blue sky, with the US Bancorp tower rising in the background.

Located in the heart of downtown, the Burnside Bridge is one of Portland’s main transportation routes. It also plays a key role during emergencies as a regional lifeline route.

The five-lane bridge joins downtown Portland with Beaverton to the west and Gresham to the east. It connects residents and visitors to businesses, services, and recreational activities. It also serves as a refuge for many of Portland’s homeless.

The safety and well being of all who rely on the Burnside Bridge is the focal point of Multnomah County’s work. Multnomah County envisions a Burnside Bridge that is safe, reliable and able to withstand earthquakes -- a bridge that supports the needs of its users and surrounding community today and in the future.

Burnside Bridge Projects

Burnside Bridge Maintenance Project will work to make sure the bridge is safe and operating for another 15-20 years

Earthquake Ready Burnside Bridge Study will look for ways to make the bridge safer during earthquakes. It will happen at the same time as the Maintenance Project.