A Coral Reef, by David Burdick (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Know Thy Workplace

You'll be able to fully develop your career goals when you gain an awareness and understanding of the opportunities available to you.  

Below you'll find articles and resources to help answer frequent questions about current state of the workplace as well as how it got this way.

External Resources:

O*NET OnLine is a free online database full of tools to help you find careers based on interest, and job-growth-outlook, as well as other factors.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics Occupation Outlook Handbook is a product developed by the BLS to provide detailed information about base-pay, outlook, educational need for hundreds of thousands of occupations.

Career Tracks Exercise:

Career Tracks is a vital exercise to help you organize all the data you sift through in your various resources.  This small document will provide a framework to put together all your favorite descriptors for organization and careers, all to help you craft your ideal career path.

The 21st Century Workplace:

The Economy, Inter-Generational Workplace, and Technology

To understand the 21st Century Workplace it helps to look at the interaction between the economy, technology, and our inter-generational workplace.  In the below resources, articles, and exercises you'll be able to see how these forces interact with each other.