Puzzling by Jolene Faber (CC BY 2.0)

Know Thy Fit

Understanding yourself is important, and understanding your workplace is important.  The relationship between you and your work is equally vital to understand.  How can you best work for an organization, and how can it best work for you?  

Below you'll find links to articles and exercises that'll help you find the right fit throughout your career development.  

The Trifecta of Job Readiness

Trifecta of Job Readiness with Resume, LinkedIn, and NeoGov

There are three powerful tools to use to make yourself career-ready.  LinkedIn, your Resume, and NeoGov (which is most useful for a career in the government) are all available to you, and are easy to grasp.  

Below you'll find resources on creating profiles and representing yourself both digitally and via the still useful analog resume.