Employee Awards Nomination Form

To promote and recognize members of work teams who add significant value to the organization.

Please be as detailed and specific as possible about the nominee. The information provided will be the sole factor determining the committee’s ranking of nominees.

Thank you for taking the time to nominate a Multnomah County employee or team for the Outstanding Team Achievement Award. Below are the eligibility guidelines for the awards. If you have any questions please contact employee.recognition@multco.us.

Eligibility Guidelines

Employees who hold classified service status are eligible for formal recognition awards. Executive level employees are only eligible if nominated as part of a team that includes classified employees. Temporary and on-call employees are eligible when nominated part of a team of classified staff, but not for individual awards.

Employees are not eligible if they have had discipline or significant performance problems within the previous 24 months of being nominated for a formal recognition award.

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