Policy and Constituent Relations Agent



Marco Circosta

As an Oregon native, policy and constituent relations agent Marco Circosta has managed to expand his reach beyond Oregon borders to help people who live in struggling communities. He grew up in Beaverton, Oregon, learning both Spanish and English at home. During his time at Jesuit High School, he did service work near the Mexican border, in Tijuana with Los Embajadores. It was that experience, working with developing communities, rebuilding and expanding schools that inspired him to focus his career on helping others.

He continued to work with charities by volunteering with Habitat for Humanity in college. After earning his bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Development at Oregon State University, Marco landed at Multnomah County, working in the District  1 Office as a policy intern. When Chair Deborah Kafoury was elected into office, Marco was welcomed into his current position as the policy and constituent relations agent.

Having previously worked at Multnomah County, Marco learned quickly in this position. His job consists of triaging different calls and connecting residents to the services they need, including finding assistance for people experiencing mental health issues and helping people with housing problems.

“I talk to the different people in the different departments and get a better sense of it so I can be as helpful as I can be,” Marco explains.

When he isn’t providing assistance, Marco works on ongoing county projects, including  crafting Chair Kafoury’s newsletter and writing up appointment letters for all of the advisory committees.

When he’s not at work, Marco loves rock-climbing, longboarding and attending music festivals.