October 6, 2020

In one of the most pivotal times in modern American history — when access to resources for voters are vital for not just democracy, but the safety and health of our community — we are proud to announce a new 24-hour Official Ballot Drop Box that will be installed in North Portland’s McCoy Park for the Nov. 3 General Election. 

The new Official Ballot Drop Box — which is a walk-up only box — will be located on the southeast corner of McCoy Park, at the corner of North Trenton St. and North Newman Ave.

The Official Ballot Drop Site is a convenient, accessible site for the 854 households representing 22 countries, who live immediately adjacent to McCoy Park — a neighborhood that is rich with diversity and that values community involvement and cultural enrichment. 

The right to vote is a core value of our Constitution and a founding principle of democracy. But for communities of color and women, that right was neither granted nor fully realized for centuries. In Oregon, the state's founding constitution — ratified in 1857 banned Black Oregonians from voting and owning land. Only when the U.S. Congress ratified the 15th Amendment in 1870 were African American men in Oregon able to vote. Even then, undue obstacles were presented at every corner to keep people of color from voting.

The 1965 Voting Rights Act lifted legal barriers and discriminatory practices that prevented people of color from voting — but that law is under attack today. In too many other places across the country, political leaders are constructing barriers to suppress the vote instead of increasing access to make it even easier for voters to cast their ballots and exercise one of our most cherished rights.

At Multnomah County, our job is to facilitate elections that allows citizens to cast their vote safely and with ease and convenience. We should never contract resources for voters, but expand them when there’s an opportunity to do so — particularly as we face extraordinary challenges.  

The addition of McCoy Park Official Ballot Drop Box brings the County to 30 Official Ballot Drop Sites or library locations for voters to drop off their ballots for the Nov. 3  General Election.