Into the archives: The Wild Ones 

No, this is not Marlon Brando acting in the classic film “The Wild One” detailing the exploits of Johnny Strabler and the Black Rebels Motorcycle Club. This is a tale about a more respectable group that existed decades ago -- the Multnomah County Sheriff's Reserve Motorcycle Stunt Team.

According to a brief history written by the Sheriff's Office, the team operated from 1937 until the late 1950's or early 1960's, thrilling crowds all over the West Coast with flames, speed, and others acts of derring-do. These photos, digitized from records in the County Archives, show some of the popular stunts performed by the team.

Two short films of the team have also  been digitized and are available on YouTube. One shows the team  practicing. The other shows a live performance at Jantzen Beach in north Portland.