This week CROPS dropped off more than 250 pounds of fresh veggies for Thanksgiving to SnowCap Community Charities, the largest food pantry in the Oregon Food Bank network. Even though the growing season at CROPS is almost over, there are still ways to help feed our residents in need.

Judy Alley, SnowCap’s Executive Director, says, “Thanks to generous turkey donations we were able to provide our patrons with Thanksgiving fare. But over the next month we are still working to fulfill traditional holiday food items, particularly meat (turkeys, hams, and whole chickens). Snowcap expects to serve 900-1000 families the week of Christmas and would like to be able to offer each family a complete holiday meal.”  SnowCap is always accepting monetary and in-kind donations and greatly appreciates these contributions to the hungry families in our community.  Please visit the SnowCap website for more information.

Special request: Every month SnowCap purchases $500 of baby formula and they run out constantly. If you want to go shopping for food to donate baby formula is greatly desired.

Happy Thanksgiving!