There are many people from our community who helped make the CROPS farm a huge success in the first 2 seasons.  However, there are a few especially dedicated people who stand out in the crowd.  Scott Worthington, a Troutdale resident and neighbor to the farm, discovered CROPS through an article in a local newspaper and immediately contacted county staff about volunteering on the farm.  Over the course of this season Scott became a volunteer leader, helping the project coordinator, Dan Bravin, manage weekly groups of volunteers come rain or shine.  This year it was mostly rain.  

“I love the fact that it is almost completely self-sustaining and volunteer driven," Scott said of CROPS.  "I kept returning because it was very rewarding to see that the efforts put in a few weeks back have produced so much great FRESH produce that would be harvested when ready and in most cases on someone’s table within a few days.” 

Scott is looking forward to next season and hopes to help grow even more fresh, local, organically grown vegetables for SnowCap Charities and the Oregon Food Bank.

Thanks Scott!  We couldn't do it without you!