Rent Assistance

Short Term Rent Assistance (STRA) is a unified countywide program that provides limited housing assistance (up to 24 months) to households in Multnomah County that are experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness. Home Forward administers the program on behalf of Multnomah County, the City of Portland, and the City of Gresham. STRA is designed to respond quickly when homelessness threatens an individual or family.
It does this in three ways: 
1. Safety off the streets: providing emergency hotel/motel vouchers for temporary shelter.
2. Eviction prevention assistance: Helping households in danger of eviction maintain the housing they have.
3. Housing placement assistance: Helping households obtain permanent housing. 

Brochure with more information Short-Term Rent Assistance program (405.71 KB)

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Anti-Poverty Education and Skill Building

Anti-Poverty Services form the basis of a system of care designed to assist homeless and low-income households to become self-sufficient. Four core services- Basic Needs, Anti-Poverty Education and Support, Housing, and System Collaboration are provided. Case Management services delivered through a collaborative, one-on-one relationship. Case managers engage in a variety of activities to support households reaching identified goals and program outcomes. Jointly, a plan is built to achieve self-sufficiency by addressing existing barriers such as addiction, mental illness, un/underemployment, unstable housing, etc. Skill building provides households and individuals with skills such as financial management, asset building, vocational education and training, etc.

Gang Prevention Services

Youth Gang Prevention (YGP) supports community based, culturally, and gender specific prevention services to young people and their families at highest risk of gang membership, or who are already involved with gangs but have not yet entered the juvenile justice system. Services are subject to the provisions of a Strategic Plan for a Comprehensive and Coordinated Response to Youth and Gang Violence, which is currently in process by Multnomah County's Local Public Safety Coordinating Council (LPSCC).
Approximately 100 young people and their families will be served. It is expected that 90% of these youth served increase their academic achievement, and avoid or reduce subsequent juvenile justice system involvement.

Court Care

Court Care provides on-site childcare for approximately 800 children annually whose parents are involved with legal proceedings at the Multnomah County Courthouse. This program eases the burden on parents with young children, allowing them better access to court proceedings and supporting their ability to focus on those proceedings without worry about their children's safety. This program is a collaboration among DCHS, the Oregon Judicial Department and the Multnomah County Bar Association.

Facility based projects

The community development block grant program enhances communities by providing funds to develop needed public facilities and services, and to assist with the rehabilitation and development of appropriate affordable housing.