Insulation, heating, and related services aims to save energy through conservation measures. By increasing energy savings, we expect consumers to see a decrease in utility bills, which allows them more money for other needs.

Eligibility Criteria

Only income-eligible residents of Multnomah County.


  • Insulation- for all eligible Multnomah County residents, including single family and duplex units
    • If a rental, the landlord must authorize all work
    • If a multi-family dwelling, 2/3rds of the building must be income-eligible. If we have weatherized any units in the complex, the landlords must make a financial contribution.
  • Electrical repairs- we do electrical repairs when we do insulation work. We for not rewire or upgrade home electrical services.
  • Furnace repairs for homeowners- we may replace broken or potentially dangerous, defective furnaces. We do not replace furnaces for rental properties.
  • Plumbing repairs- we do minimal plumbing repairs for residents west of 169th Avenue. We do not do plumbing repair in mobile homes.
    • Enhanced Plumbing Program- for homeowners only, who purchase water from the City of Portland. Eligible services include toilet replacement, water faucet repair, repairs for leaking pipes only when pipers are under pressure.

Weatherization Documents