about us on street signThe Reduced Supervision Team (RST) also monitors the Immigration caseload. This caseload is comprised of individuals who have been placed on probation or post prison supervision while at the same time are held in custody by U.S. Immigration officials. These justice involved individuals are tracked and monitored through the immigration hearing process and possible deportation process if indicated by immigration court.  These individuals technically remain on supervision after deportation. If the person who commits the offense returns to the country illegally and we are notified, they are brought through the violation process.  

RST is the foundation for Evidence Based Practices implementation within the Department. The RST model is based on research that indicates individuals assessed as lower risk are less likely to re-offend and that engaging lower-risk individuals in more intrusive supervision can actually increase their risk to re-offend. The model follows the County’s commitment to increased public safety by focusing its resources on the higher risk adult individuals who are most likely to commit new crimes.