The Supervision fee was established in 1981 to help offset the costs of supervising the probation, parole or post-prison sentence per ORS 423.570. This fee is ordered by the sentencing authority and starts accruing 30 days after the sentence date. It is a monthly fee accrued at $35.00 per month (may vary by County), or $420.00 per year, unless otherwise noted, and will continue to accrue until the Parole/Probation/Post Prison supervision expires. This fee is also considered a condition of your release and will be sent to collections if unpaid at the end of supervision.

Staying compliant - When is my monthly payment due?

Payment is due when you receive the statement. Statements are mailed at the beginning of each month. If you are not receiving a statement, please talk to your probation officer or call the number listed below.

What if I move out of Multnomah County?

If you transfer to another county in the State of Oregon, any balance owing will transfer with you.

What if I have a balance when my probation is over?

If your probation, parole or post-prison sentence expires and you have a balance owing, it will be sent to the Oregon Department of Revenue for collection.

Can I get the fee reduced or waived?

Your probation officer has the authority to waive and/or reduce the monthly fee under certain circumstances, on a case by case basis, for 3-6 months. If you are having financial difficulties, please contact your supervising officer.

What if my payment hasn’t posted to my account?

Have you allowed enough time for the payment to be processed?
Please allow at least 6 business days from the day you mailed your payment. Please note - payments received at the beginning of the month may not be reflected in your current statement.

Did you clearly print your name and SID number on the payment?
We do the best we can to read what you write – but we need your help.

Clearly printing all information will help us process your payment in a timely manner.