Image of people sitting around a round tableThe LGBTQ Workgroup was formed to raise awareness and sensitivity to the needs and appropriate supports for LGBTQ youth in foster care in Multnomah County and to improve placement stability for these youth. 


  • Develop a guide for judges covering: 1) the law, 2) key terms, 3) implications of cultural trauma, 4) DHS practices, and 5) considerations throughout the life of a case.

  • Support recruitment of LGBTQ foster parents and foster parents who are accepting and supportive of LGBTQ youth, by creating a team of child welfare system partners that are willing to do recruitment at community events.

  • Provide training for child welfare system partners on:
    • the impact of cultural trauma faced by LGBTQ youth
    • what the law expects of foster parents and service providers
    • the Foster Youth Bill of Rights, and
    • best practices. 


LGBTQ Judges Guide (701.38 KB)

This workgroup is open to anyone who is interested, unless you have a currently open child welfare case. 

For more information, contact:

Mary Geelan, MSW
Juvenile Court Improvement Coordinator
Multnomah County