'Flip the Script' program attempts to reduce recidivism by working directly with parolees
The Skanner 3-1-2017
Central City Concern, a Portland nonprofit working to end homelessness, is the driving force behind a new program meant to help African Americans leaving the justice system. It’s called “Flip the Script,” and it focuses on breaking the cycles that send people of color back to prison more often than other parolees.

Human trafficking embedded in Portland culture
The Advocate - MHCC's independent student newspaper 1-23-2017
In Portland, the trafficking industry has three main characteristics: It’s local, it’s generational, and it’s culturally embedded.

Oregon's recidivism rate lowest in nation? Not so fast
Streetroots 1-5-2017
Oregon came out ahead in a state-by-state study, but comparing recidivism rates can be misleading. 

Inside Oregon's prison workforce: Education and training programs (Part II)
Streetroots 1-5-2017
Part II of a two-part report looking inside Oregon's prison workforce. 

Inside Oregon's prison workforce: Exploitation or opportunity? (Part 1)
Streetroots 1-5-2017
Part I of a two-part report looking inside Oregon's prison workforce.