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Youth on a Mission Thriftstore Helps Teens Turn Their Lives Around
The Skanner 12-30-10
Willie Brown, executive director of the Black Citizen’s Coalition of Portland Neighborhoods, knew that good teens sometimes do bad things – especially when they don’t have enough adult support around them, or they fall prey to substance abuse. 

A New Thrift Store Opening in NE Portland
KEX 1190 12-29-10
Radio broadcast about the thrift store that does MUCH more than just sell merchandise.

Thrift Store Offers Education And Skills To Troubled Youth
OPB News 12-29-10
Multnomah County opened a new thrift store in Portland Wednesday that will be staffed by troubled youth...

New store trains, employs at-risk youth in Multnomah County
KOIN Local 6    12-29-10
A new thrift shop opened for business in Northeast Portland Wednesday--only this shop is a little different...

 A Portland thrift store provides jobs and training for young people on the edge
The Oregonian 12-28-10
On Tuesday morning, a crew of young people washed and sorted clothes in the back room of the new secondhand shop on Northeast Halsey Street...

How One Oregon Girl Became a Measure 11 Felon 
The Scanner
Part 2 of The Skanner News investigation into the juvenile justice system and Measure 11's impact on teens...

The Shelter Bed Shuffle
The Mercury Dec 23, 2010
"This is not an acute problem in Portland. It's a chronic problem," said Joslyn Baker, head of Multnomah County's Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children Steering Committee (CSEC). "That's why this issue is on the front burner."

Funds for forensics - Michelle Perin- Dec 4, 2010
Multnomah County (Ore.) Department of Community Justice established a forensics lab dedicated to parole and probations officers with a prior year $500000... 

Multnomah County Dept. of Community Justice mourns deaths of two well-loved parole officers
 The Oregonian 12-3-10

A former Portland gang member leaves prison with a mission: to help others from following him
The Oregonian 11-20-10
He says he's a changed man, but now he must prove that to others: police, his parole officer, clergy and county officials who knew the "notorious Marcus," the wild drunken Crip who terrorized Portland streets...

VIDEO: Inside Multnomah County's Teen Jail
 The Skanner 11-19-10
On the street it's called “juvie.” Teens arrested in Multnomah, Clackamas and Washington counties come here in handcuffs... Watch the video.

Parole officers face tough choices as budgets tighten
Portland Tribune 11-11-10
About six months ago, Multnomah County parole and probation officer Lisa Lewis had a parolee just out of prison who she knew was going to be a tough watch... 

Vandals Target Parole Officers' Patrol Cars
Fox 12- 11-9-10
Portland police say vandals hit five unmarked patrol cars at the Multnomah County Department of Community (Justice) building on the corner of Southeast 10th Avenue and Southeast Stark Street...

Officials increase fight against human trafficking
Portland Tribune 11-5-10
...Using a $500,000 federal grant [through the Department of Community Justice],  Multnomah County has established a multiagency task force, the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children Steering Committee, to help create a coordinated community response to the juvenile human trafficking and create an action plan...

Parole officers are Oregon’s new jailers
Portland Tribune 11-4-10
Lisa Lewis has a problem, and when Lewis has a problem, somebody else has a bigger problem. Today Lewis’ problem is Frank (not his real name). Or rather, her problem is what to do with Frank, who is on parole after serving prison time for burglary...

Portland City Council 10-27-10 AM Session 
Department of Community Justice Program Coordinator, Joslyn Baker, testified at the Portland City Council Meeting on 10/27 on the proposed ordinance to dedicate funds for shelter and services for victims of human trafficking.  The link to the video is below.  The ordinance (#1405) begins at 72.33 and Joslyn appears at 91.45. 

14-year-old suspected gang member arrested after shots fired on Benson High's steps 
The Oregonian 10-26-10
..."The gang caseloads are our most challenging," said Kim Bernard, department spokeswoman. "There aren't easy options for removing a middle school-aged youth from the gang lifestyle when their peers or family are involved in gangs and gang violence is in their community. We don't have a lot of easy options."  ...

Addressing Gang Violence
OPB- Think Outloud 10-22-10
...We wanted to know how all those efforts are working. And about another development since the last time we talked about gangs and efforts to reduce gun violence: Multnomah County's Department of Community Justice has a plan to useGPS monitoring on some youths who have been involved in gangs...

Portland restarts task force aimed at stemming gun violence by youths
The Oregonian 10-15-10
...A judge gave him a year of probation for each of the three offenses. He was ordered not to possess weapons or have any contact with gangs and was given 24 hours of community service. He has moved to southern Oregon and remains under Multnomah County supervision, said Kim Bernard, spokeswoman for county Department of Community Justice...

Decades-old probation office based at Portland's King School questioned in era of increased school security
The Oregonian 10-13-10
...The decision torequire teenage lawbreakers to report for probation in an office annex that adjoins the King School courtyard and playground dates back three decades and has never led to a serious incident...

Oregon county tries GPS to track gangs
Boston Herald 10-6-10
Imagine a beef breaks out between rival gangs and law enforcement officers could track members in real time, possibly preventing a crime...

County to track known gang members; ACLU objects 
KOIN Local  10-5-10
In an effort to curb gang violence, Multnomah County will use GPS tracking bracelets to track those with known gang ties... 

Deputies to use GPS tracking on gangs 
KGW  10-5-10
 Starting as early as next week, Multnomah County will put GPS tracking bracelets on some suspected gang members currently supervised by its Department of Community Justice...

Program Uses GPS To Track Gang Members
KPTV 10-5-10
Multnomah County officials are planning to use GPS locator bracelets to track known gang members...

Oregon county tries GPS to track gangs
KMTV 10-5-10
Multnomah County is going to try using GPS technology to help fight gang violence in the Portland area...

Video: Multnomah County's Bike Patrol in action
Bike Portland. ORG 10-4-10
...Kudos to the County for embracing the power of bicycles as community building tools and as more efficient, affordable and sensible options for some of their patrols...

Multnomah County turns to GPS tracking to fight gang violence
The Oregonian 10-4-10
...It may sound a bit like the movie “Minority Report,” but Multnomah County’s Department of Community Justice hopes new technology could push back the wave of gang violence rolling across the county...

Multnomah County's Stop the Violence program aims to turn around gang members, troubled youths
The Oregonian 10-4-10
...Multnomah County program that aims to turn around gang members -- and those at risk of joining a gang -- with a stick-and-carrot combination of stark warnings and helpful outreach...

Sexually Violent Offender On the Loose
Koin Local 6  9-28-10

A ‘life after struggles’ 
The Portland Tribune 9-16-10
...While the women are stepping up, Multnomah County [Department of Community Justice] is looking for black men to serve as positive role models for gang-affected young men. "At Promise," a grant-funded program that began last fall, pairs adult volunteers with youth who have served
time for gang-related crimes...

Tracking Sex Offenders
KOIN LOCAL 6  9-14-10
Department of Community Justice Computer Forensics Lab and two Sex Offender Parole/Probation Officers are featured in KOIN TV News broadcast.

Kids in cuffs 
The Yamhill Valley News Register 9-7-10
Lawrence cites Multnomah County as a model Yamhill County should emulate. She said it is more appropriate for charges still deemed children…

Wanted Man
The Outlook 9-3-10
Retiring parole officer reflects on success of fugitive profile program...

Portland police, other agencies, will step up gang enforcement
The Oregonian 9-3-10
The so-called “Cool Down Mission” will include an increased police presence, as well as efforts by Multnomah County Parole and Probation, and Youth Gang ...

Back-to-school event gives guidance, resources to kids under supervision of Multnomah County 
The Oregonian 9-3-10
Kids and their families packed a room Monday night for a back-to-school event...

While residents react differently to gang shootings, police urge them to get more involved 
The Oregonian 9-2-10
At the Police Bureau, the gang enforcement team is meeting nearly every day with outreach workers and Multnomah County Parole and Probation officers…

Multnomah County commissioners hear about latest proposed budget trims 
 The Oregonian 8-24-10
MultnomahCounty commissioners today heard the latest round of proposed budget reductions from the Community Justice Department and the Sheriff's Office. Last week commissioners heard from County Human Services, the Health Department and the Library...

Portland man's past moves him from lifesaver to wanted man
The Oregonian 8-19-10
On probation with the Department of Community Justice, his probation officer, Carol Hovdey urged Hemenway to call her. "He can't run from this," she said. "He did a good thing, so don't overshadow it by a bad thing." ...

Gang Outreach Meeting
KOIN Local 6 News 8-6-10
The Department of Community Justice met with other community leaders to discuss recent gang violence and services available...

Keys to a New Home . . . Keys to a New Life Junior's Story
Phoenix Rising Transitions - Transformations July 2010
A couple months ago, Junior began attending PHOENIX’s in-prison leadership class. His sincerity was clear to see...

Wyden: More needs to be done to combat prostitution in Portland
The Oregonian 7-31-10
Sen. Ron Wyden knows some people doubt Portland's ranking as second in the United States for domestic minor sex trafficking...

National Parole, Probation and Community Supervision Week
MultCo News and Events 7-23-10
The Multnomah County Board of Commissioners unanimously proclaimed the week of July 18-24 as Probation, Parole and Community Supervision Week to honor the Department of Community Justice (DCJ) for its work in reducing crime...

Former West Linn mayor's community service sentence benefits rescue dogs
The Oregonian 7-4-10
...Galle was ordered in Multnomah County Circuit Court to complete the community service, pay a $5,000 fine and serve three years of probation...

Multnomah County commissioners declare July as Human Trafficking Awareness Month
The Oregonian 7-1-10
...Joslyn Baker told commissioners about the $500,000 state grant that created the three-year Multnomah County Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children project she coordinates. The aim of the project, which got under way last fall, is to improve victim services by coordinating the response of law enforcement and social service agencies...

Police step up patrols to combat gang violence
The Portland Tribune 6-22-10
...Police Chief Mike Reese said police from all precincts would work with the city’s Office of Youth Violence Prevention and Multnomah County’s Department of Community Justice to reduce youth and gang-related violence...

MultCo Citizen Involvement Committee announces Sy Award winner at Annual Ceremonial Dinner
MultCo News and Events 6-18-10
...The winner of the 3rd annual Sy Award, Thach Nguyen, was recognized at the dinner...

Finding fake urine a real challenge for drug-testing labs
The Oregonian 6-16-10
...Justice labs are also flooded with fake urine. At Multnomah County’s Day Reporting Center, which works with offenders out of compliance with probation and parole requirements, 20 to 30 percent of urine samples “show evidence of tampering,” said Kim Bernard, communications manager for the county Department of Community Justice...

Parole On Wheels
The Portland Observer 6-9-10
Parole officers Lisa Lewis and Ron Kates roll through Old Town on bikes to check in on clients. The bikes are part of a new pilot program with the Multnomah County Department of Community Justice...

Finding Work Still A Challenge For Unemployed Oregonians...
Oregon Public Broadcasting 6-7-10
Laura Davidson's cubicle sits a long way from the chic, high-tech firms she used to recruit for...

In the Shadows - Bike Patrol
Portland Mercury 5-27-10
Portland Probation Officers spend a lot of time in stinky places. Smelling cat pee in squalid apartments. Human pee under bridges...

Getting Rid Of Computer? Your Info May Still Be On It
KPTV News 5-1-10
The Multnomah County Department of Community Justice has a high-tech warning for all computer users...

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