System Integration & Resource Network (SIRN pronounced Si- Ren)

The SIRN training was borne out of the desire to open lines of communication between police and the people who work within the systems that manage adults, youth, and families involved in the criminal justice system. This partnership between DCJ, police agencies, the District Attorney's office, and various community partners gives newly hired and sworn officers the opportunity to spend several days learning about juvenile and adult community corrections. Officers learn how the parole, probation, and juvenile justice systems operate and creates continued opportunities for the agencies to build rapport, develop relationships, and strategize ways to improve how the system works to promote public safety. 

Police agencies participating in SIRN: 

Community partners participating in SIRN: 

Our community partners are critical in providing services and positive interactions for youth and families. Their role in SIRN contributes to the development of a variety of community based policing skills, and exposes new officers to the complex social issues they will face in the field. 

SIRN Faculty

Deputy Chief Bob Day, Portland Police Bureau Training Division
14912 NE Airport Way  Portland, OR 97230

Tina Edge, Department of Community Justice
501 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Suite 250 Portland, OR 97214

SIRN Videos

SIRN Resources

Inter-agency working agreement (35.92 KB)

Portland Police Recruit sample agenda (59.73 KB)

Police Officer sample agenda (41.95 KB)

If not now, when? A survey of juvenile justice training in America's police academies (2.9 MB)