This partnership between the Department of Community Justice (DCJ) and the Portland Police Bureau (PPB) allow newly hired and newly sworn officers to spend several days learning about both juvenile and adult community corrections. The training provides officers with the opportunity to learn how the parole, probation and juvenile justice system operates, and allows DCJ to develop a strong relationship with police, and strategize ways to improve how the system works to promote public safety. These recruits also spend time with community providers such as the Runaway Homeless Youth Continuum to learn about the services they provide communities and participate in positive interaction with the youth. The main focus of this partnership is designed to teach new police officers a variety of community policing based skills by placing police interns into community service organizations early in their careers and exposing them to the types of complex social issues that they will face in the field.

Quotes from police recruits:

  • "The best part of this training was when we got to see first hand how things work by going out into the field with Probation/Parole Officers"
  • "Really appreciated the ride-alongs with Juvenile Court Counselors to see the work they do"
  • "Meeting the minority students was beneficial to understanding their position on police - would have enjoyed more time working with them"
  • "Enjoyed meeting and touring the homeless youth agencies -- highly beneficial since I may be interacting with them when working the streets"

Police Recruit Sample Agenda