In Oregon, crime victims have certain rights under the Oregon Constitution Crime Victims Rights Bill and state statutes. 

These include the right:

  • To have a meaningful role in the criminal justice process
  • To be treated with dignity and respect
  • To fair and impartial treatment
  • To reasonable protection from the justice involved individual
  • To receive prompt restitution

Some rights are automatic, while others must be requested

Crime victims have the right:

  • Upon request, to keep their address and phone number from the individual by notifying the current supervisory officer.
    • Adult under supervision: 
      ​Notify the current probation/parole officer: 503.988.3701
    • Juvenile under supervision:
      Notify the District Attorney’s Office at Juvenile Court:
  • To contact the current supervisory authority if being harassed by an individual and the individual is currently under supervision.
    • Adult under supervision:
      Contact the current probation or parole officer: 503.988.3701.  If the activity continues, contact the police by calling 911
    • Juvenile under supervision:
      Contact the police to file a report or report the incident to the juvenile’s assigned court counselor by calling 503.988.346.
  • Upon request, to receive notice in advance of a court hearing. **If you change your address, phone, or email, please notify the supervisory authority.
    • Adult under supervision:
      ​Contact the current supervising probation/parole officer or fill out this form.
    • Juvenile under supervision:
      Contact the Juvenile Court Counselor and the Victim’s Advocate.
  • To be in the courtroom during hearings and may request to speak at these events.
  • Upon request, to information about the justice involved individual.
  • Upon request, victims may obtain copies of court transcripts from the adult or juvenile courts. A fee may be included.
  • Under certain circumstances, the victim may participate in mediation or a restorative conference.  All parties must be willing to participate.