Purpose: The Equity Council will advise the CDEO on diversity and equity issues within the county to ensure that Multnomah County's internal operations support and build the diversity of our workforce and ensure that our investments in the community build a more just, equitable Multnomah County. In addition, the Equity Council makes recommendations to the Board or appropriate stakeholders. The council will address county policies, practices and procedures within all aspects of the organization to ensure that the principles of diversity and equity are followed.                                                                                                                                                 

Core Values:                                                                                                                                                                                                           


  • Courageous Leadership
  • Courageous Conversation
  • Courageous Action
  • Courageous Commitment

Sponsor: Office of Diversity and Equity

Leader:  Chief Diversity and Equity Officer (CDEO)

Governance/Parameters: The Equity Council will serve in an advisory capacity to the Chief Diversity and Equity Office.  The Equity Council will be responsible for addressing internal organizational policies, practices, and procedures, as well as service to the communities we serve.

Equity Council Members

Ben Duncan, Office of Diversity and Equity 

Charles Sparks, District Attorney 

Consuelo Saragoza, Health Department

Cynthia Trosino, Department of Community Services

Daniel Garcia, Talent and Development

Derrick Peterson, Sheriff's Office

Glen Banfield, District Attorney's Office

Joanna Valencia, Department of Community Services

Johnette Easter, Library

Kalissa Canyon-Scopes, Office of Diversity and Equity

Karyne Kieta, Department of County Management 

Kathryn Short, County Attorney's Office

Kory Murphy, Department of County Assets 

Lee Girard, Department of County Human Services

Lindsay Kandra, County Attorney's Office

Mary Li, Department of County Human Services

Rujuta Gaonkar, Health Department

Shea Marshman, Sheriff's Office

Sherry Swackhamer, Department of County Assets

Sonali Balajee, Office of Diversity and Equity

Steve Herron, Department of County Management 

Travis Graves, Department of County Management 

Truls Neal, Department of Community Justice 

Wendy Lear, Health Department