The Multnomah County Interfaith Initiative is an innovative collaboration among communities of faith, social service providers, community organizations, and local government working together to promote:


Equity and dignity for those disenfranchised from our community.


Opportunities to end all types of abuse and violence.


Actions to support the environment and champion community health and wellness.


Respect for diversity of beliefs, and community integration without the expectation of assimilation.


Multnomah County and its diverse faith communities align on issues of shared social concern, and work together to build a moral voice for the common good.


To work in partnership with communities of all faiths by building relationships and providing leadership, policy analysis, technical expertise, and training to fulfill our respective core missions to serve the community.


Two primary structures exist to provide leadership and carry out the Initiative:

1. Internal County workgroup meets monthly to increase coordination and outreach in faith communities for core service areas.

2. Working Groups/Task Forces are created to address specific community issues as the need arises.  Currently, there exists an Interfaith Homeless Families Action Group.  

 Contact: Jose Ibarra, Interfaith Coordinator,

 Phone: 503-988-8109