Multnomah County Commissioners Judy Shiprack and Deborah Kafoury co-host Oct. 24 community meeting on downtown courthouse

October 23, 2012

A second public meeting for the community to discuss solutions to the serious safety problems facing Multnomah County’s downtown courthouse will be this Wednesday, Oct. 24.

Co-hosted by county Commissioners Judy Shiprack and Deborah Kafoury, the Oct. 24 meeting will be from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. in Room 602 of the downtown courthouse, 1021 SW 4th Ave.

This Oct. 24 meeting and a public meeting held last month are part of the public input process following a report discussing potential options for the courthouse. Those options include renovation of the current courthouse to meet today’s safety standards or construction of a new courthouse at a different location.

Another key part of that public input is a short on-line survey at The survey will close on Nov. 1, and the county board will be briefed in early December about the results of the survey and the public meetings.

After the first public meeting, held on Sept. 27, Commissioners Kafoury and Shiprack said the evening generated valuable discussion about potential options for the century-old building.

Both county commissioners say the time has come to deal with the century-old building’s longstanding safety concerns and its obsolescence, both structural and functional.

Among those concerns are the courthouse’s inability to withstand an earthquake, and the severe limitations of the current building’s configuration that create daily security concerns for courthouse employees and the public.