Military and Overseas Voter InformationMail Disruptions due to COVID 19.

Due to COVID-19 mail disruptions throughout the world, your mailed ballot may not arrive or be returned in time to vote, so please consider the other options available to military and overseas voters in accessing and returning your ballot. 

Military and overseas voters registered in Oregon have options in voting. Those options include how to mark the ballot and how to return the ballot.

Marking the ballot

Access your ballot online after reading the instructions and then print out the completed ballot and required forms. Then, sign the forms. Please note. The online ballot marking tool will not be available to overseas voters in some countries due to internet security issues. If you are located in one of the countries listed on this website, you will not be able to access the online tool and our office will need to email you the ballot packet. If needed, please email us to request the ballot packet at

Ballot return options:

Email or fax the ballot materials back. Please follow the ballot instructions. If you wish to e-mail or fax your ballot back, you MUST complete the SEL 531 form and return envelope and print them out, along with the ballot. You will need to have access to a printer. You must sign the SEL 531 and the return envelope. To return by email, you can scan the signed documents and voted ballot as a PDF attachment or take a picture and send them as a JPG attachment. The signed forms must accompany the ballot.

Regardless of how you return your ballot, it must be received by 8:00 PM Pacific time, May 19, 2020. In Oregon, postmarks do not count.

For more information, visit our website.