Electronic Supplemental Filing for Joint County Candidate Voters' Pamphlet Statement

Once you have filed your signed Candidate’s Statement for County Voters’ Pamphlet (JCVP-01) and paid the required fee, you may use this form to send your information electronically. By providing electronic copy, we are able to reduce typesetting costs and reduce the opportunity for typesetting errors. If the elected office is in more than one county, you must provide a signed paper copy of the JCVP-01 and pay the fee for each county that you are filing with.

If you are submitting a photo, please email the photo to the county. Emails are listed below.

If you do not wish to use this form, you can email a Word or Google Document of your statement directly to the county you are filing your signed paper statement with. If you choose to email a Word or Google document directly to the County, please make sure the electronic document matches the paper version.

The electronic text you are sending must match the paper statement you submit. However, formatting is not required on this electronic form. Any differences to the electronic copy will be changed to match the paper filing.

Please remember that a signed endorsement form (JCVP-02), must accompany the filing if any individual or organizations is named in your argument. It is best if those endorsement forms are delivered with the signed JCVP-01 form since those endorsement forms require a signature from the endorser. Original forms are not required, but the name and signature must be legible on the endorsement form.  

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