The Multnomah County Grant Application Coordination Process

Multnomah County Emergency Management (MCEM) will coordinate the combined local application for all partners within the county. This combined local application will include up to seven local applications. One of the applications may be a regional project. States are required to ensure that at least 25 percent (25%) of the SHSP funds are dedicated towards law enforcement terrorism prevention activities linked to one or more core capabilities within the National Preparedness Goal (NPG).  

Now that the grant guidance has been released, you should review it carefully and start thinking about possible projects you want to present for consideration at the first coordination meeting on January 7, 2015 9:00AM - 11:00AM.

For a project to be considered, a project summary and preliminary budget needs to be emailed to Rachel Novick by January 5th.  This project summary should be brief (a paragraph at most) and should answer these basic questions about your project: What is your project? In what way does it qualify for the SHSP funds based on the grant guidance? The preliminary budget should be just that-- a rough estimate of what the project will cost.

Rachel will review and compile these summaries and budgets into a document for the group to review at the first coordination meeting later that week.  The goal of the first coordination meeting is to use consensus to select up to seven eligible projects by from the summaries to be included in this year’s combined local application. The location for the coordination meeting will be the Copper Room on the 5th floor of the Multnomah Building (501 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214).    (Note: Since consensus was reached at the first coordination meeting on 1/7/15, a second coordination meeting was no longer necessary.)

The week of January 19th - 23rd, Rachel Novick will meet with each applicant to review the progress of their draft applications.  

If local applicants wish to have their applications reviewed by an internal grant review team, they need to turn their complete application in to Rachel Novick by Jan 29th.  

If local applicants do not want an internal review prior to the applications being turned in to the state, the deadline to turn a complete application in to Rachel Novick is February 5th.  

The signature pages for ALL applications are due to Rachel Novick by the close of business on February 6th.  Multnomah County will turn in the combined local application to the state before the state deadline of February 13th.

Questions about the county's coordination process? Contact the MCEM Coordinator:  Rachel Novick,, 503-988-8603. 

Questions about the state's timeline or documents? Contact the state program coordinator:  Sidra Metzger-Hines, , 503-378-2911 ext. 22251.