October 11, 2011

Emergency managers from our region are following forecasts from the National Weather Service that point in the direction of a more active winter storm season and higher precipitation than normal this year.  Models show that we are experiencing a second year of La Nina conditions.  La Nina typically brings more precipitation, variable temperatures, and more storms than normal.  

The general advice to the traveling public is to be aware that winter weather and road conditions in our area can change quickly and without warning, making travel unpredictable.  Familiarize yourself with the following ways to get travel information:

  • Sign up for emergency alerts at www.PublicAlerts.org
  • Check out www.TripCheck.com before traveling to get current information on road conditions, closures and other hazards
  • Dial 511 from your phone for real-time highway road and weather information

Motorists should carry chains and an emergency kit in their vehicles to be prepared for snow and ice.  Purchase chains before snow is expected and practice putting them on your vehicle.  Also check your vehicle to make sure it is in good working order and has tires that are suitable for winter weather driving.

If it snows, plan your commute along snow and ice routes.  Here are links for the snow and ice routes in Multnomah County:

With the higher than normal amounts of rain expected, you can help to lessen street flooding by making sure catch basins near your property stay clear of debris.  If you are unable to do so, contact your local city or county public works department for assistance.  

Turn around, don't drown! If you are driving and happen upon a flooded road, it is safer to turn around and find another route.  The water may be deeper than it looks and may hide hazards that could cause damage to your vehicle or your vehicle could become stuck.

Visit www.PublicAlerts.org for more information and sign up for emergency notifications.  You can also receive alerts via Twitter by following @PublicAlerts.

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