Inclement Weather Information

December 17, 2010


City of Portland

When there is a chance of a flood, sand and sandbags are available to the general public at several locations. No shovels are provided, so the public must bring their own. Locations are:

City of Gresham

Gresham homeowners needing sandbags to protect property from flooding of flows because of the rain may access the City's free, fill-your-own sandbag station.

  • The sandbag station is open for use at the Operations Center at 2123 S.E. Hogan Rd.
  • The sandbag station is open 24 hours and provides bags, sand and shovels to Gresham residents for home or private use only.
  • Sandbags are not available for commercial or contractor consumption.
  • Citizens are responsible for the sandbags after use; public works crewsxs do not dispose or retrieve them.
  • You can view a video on how to use City of Gresham's sandbag station.

City of Troutdale

Free sand and sandbags are available for citizens of Troutdale that are at risk for flooding.  Call the Public Works Shop (503-674-3300) during regular business hours to arrange pickup of sandbags.  The Shop is located at 342 SW 4th  Street.  You are required to fill and transport the sandbags yourself in a manner that does not disrupt City operations.  Bring your own shovel and help from friends to accelerate the process of filling, tying, and loading the bags.

City of Lake Oswego

The City of Lake Oswego has a self serve sand bag station available at the Lake Oswego Skate Park, 5520 Willow Lane (at the entrance).  Overhead lights will be on throughout the night so that citizens can fill the sandbags more easily.  Citizens can take as many bags as necessary, but will need to fill their own bags.  Some shovels are provided.  Sandbags will be available until the risk of flooding recedes. 


Non-Emergency number is 503.823.3333 in all Portland and Multnomah County areas.

ODOT Dispatch number is 503.731.4574.  They can provide free roadside assistance to stranded motorists.

ODOT TripCheck number is 5-1-1 or 1.800.977.6368 for road conditions and trip planning information.

Road Hazard Reporting number for Multnomah County is 503.988.5050 during REGULAR business hours (Mon-Fri 8am-5pm).  All other hours call 503.823.3333.

Road Hazard Reporting number for City of Portland is 503.823.1700.


Do not approach downed power lines.  Move away and call the appropriate utility or call 911 if you are unsure of who to call or if someone's life could be in danger.

Portland General Electric

To report an outage call 503.464.7777

Pacific Power

To report an outage call 1.877.548.3768

Northwest Natural 

If you detect a natural gas odor, call 1.800.882.3377 from a phone located AWAY FROM THE ODOR OR OUTSIDE YOUR HOME.  Using a phone near a gas leak is a potential source of igniting the gas.

Police and Fire

Non-Emergency number is 503.823.3333 for all jurisdictions within Multnomah County.  For a life threatening emergency, call 9-1-1.