1) Where can I get digital GIS data?

  • Metro’s Regional Land Information System (RLIS) has a significant amount of data covering all or parts of Multnomah County, with portions of the data that is available to the public for free, and other portions requiring a subscription fee. Information about RLIS is available at (503) 797-1742.

Metadata and the list of over 100 RLIS data layers.

  • CivicApps contains a large amount of data covering all or parts of Multnomah County. Data contributors include the City of Portland, Clackamas County, Metro, Oregon State University, TriMet, Portland Public Schools, and the State of Oregon. Formats range from CSV/Text, KML/KMZ, Shapefiles, XML/RSS, GeoRSS, Web Services and others.

"The Catalog is unique because it includes public datasets from a wide array of local government jurisdictions. It is the only inter-jurisdictional repository of local public data of its kind in the United States, at least as far as we know. This would not be possible without data owners across the greater Portland area joining hands to make government an open data platform."

  • State of Oregon Geospatial Enterprise Office has their Geospatial Data Clearinghouse that gives public access to Statewide datasets which include Multnomah County. In addition to shapefile downloads, they are an excellent source for Digital Orthophoto Quads, Digital Elevation Model files, and GIS Services and Tools.

2) What maps are available on the Internet?

  • Multnomah County maintains the Survey and Assessor Image Locator (SAIL) website that delivers current assessor maps, recorded surveys, plats, bearing tree reports and geodetic control:  http://sail.multco.us

  • Assessor Maps can also be viewed through a simple map look up interface here . These maps are kept current and are the same maps shown through SAIL. Multnomah County is a part of the state ORMAP project and delivers Assessor maps quarterly to the state for access through: http://www.ormap.org.

  • Multnomah County Elections Department has elections maps and precinct maps available.

  • Portland Maps is a web-map service provided by the City of Portland that offers a wealth of location based information in and around the City of Portland. Examples of information covered range from property, crime and census to environmental and transportation data. Questions or problems with PortlandMaps.com should be directed to the HELP links on the site.

3) Where can I get aerial imagery/photography? 

  • Multnomah County GIS is a member of Metro’s Aerial Photo Consortium. Digital data and hard copy maps can be purchased from Metro’s Data Resource Center (DRC). Metro's Digital Aerial Photography

  • State of Oregon GEO: Oregon Imagery Explorer with imagery from 2005 and 2009 at half-meter resolution 

4) Can I purchase a aset of current Asssessor Tax Maps in digital form?

  •  For a CD of the assessor maps in TIFF (*.tif) format send request in writing to: Assessment and Taxation; Records Management Room 125; 501 SE Hawthorne Blvd.; Portland, OR 97214. The cost for each CD is $50.00 to be remitted at time of request.

5) Where can I get Assessor Data?

6) How can I find information about my property?

  • The County Surveyor’s Office supports the SAIL (Survey and Assessor Map Image Locator) web site and can guide you through the process of locating any survey/plat records that have been filed pertaining to properties. Call (503)988-3600 for assistance or review this help file.

7) What Census and other demographic data are available?

  • Interactive Census statistics for the State/County are avalable here, and the 2010 Census pdf maps will be coming soon...

8) I think I found an error. Who should I contact?

  • The first point of contact should be with the source of the data. For instance, questions about RLIS data should be directed to Metro, and likewise, questions about Portland Maps should be directed to the Help contact on the PortlandMaps.com website.

  • Contact the GIS department at the bottom of the page if there is a more general question and we will try our best to assist you.