CIFE: The Importance of Interpreting Everything

CIFE is a tool that Interpreters and providers can use ensure an accurate and effective session with their client. This model provides parties with a common set of ground rules laid out at the beginning of each session. Either the interpreter or the provider can go through the steps of CIFE. This role-play shows just why it's so important that Everything that is said gets interpreted.

To recap, here's what CIFE stands for:

● Confidentiality: everything we talk about in this space will remain in this space.

● I Use first Person: Interpreters repeat exactly what is said to support a genuine dialogue between the patient and provider.

● Flow: Interpreters will manage the pace of the meeting by using a simple hand gesture to slow or stop conversation when necessary to assure interpretation is complete and accurate.

● Everything: Interpreters should not filter or summarize content. The interpreter will interpret everything that occurs during the session, including side conversations, phone calls or intercom announcements.