The Health Equity Initiative works to address the root causes of socioeconomic and racial injustices that lead to health disparities.

Launched in June 2007, the Health Equity Initiative is a county-wide effort focused on health inequities that also collaborates with local organizations to support policy change and monitor results. The project was first spearheaded by former Multnomah County Chair Ted Wheeler in partnership with the Multnomah County Health Department.


  • Create a common understanding of the causes of and solutions to health inequities, with a focus on justice and equity.
  • Raise the visibility of current prevention efforts by community-based organizations and county departments.
  • Explore and advance policy solutions that address health inequities.

How We're Addressing Health Inequities

Our report, A Five Year Reflection: The Policy Crosswalk, examines 5 years of focused work on addressing inequities in the community:

Video: About the Health Equity Initiative

More Information

Health Equity Initiative 2009 Report: