The Vector and Code Enforcement Advisory Committee is a group of nine citizens appointed by the Multnomah County chair to provide recommendations to the Health Department's Vector Control and Code Enforcement programs.

The committee provides a diverse set of community views and recommendations on vector control and code enforcement activities, including:

  • Development of educational messages on vector-borne diseases
  • Vector control plans for public spaces
  • Preventing illegal dumping
  • Evaluating the current and future plans and practices of vector control services

Vectors are animals or insects, such as rats and mosquitoes, which can transmit diseases to humans. Examples of vector-borne diseases include West Nile virus and Hantavirus.

Meeting Schedule

Meetings are open to the public, and are held every other month on the third Tuesday from 1-3 pm at Multnomah County Environmental Health, 847 NE 19th Ave, Ste 350 (Lloyd Corporate Plaza Building).

If you are interested in reviewing meeting minutes or committee bylaws, please contact us.


We're currently seeking new members for the committee. If you are interested in representing your community in issues around Vector Control and Code Enforcement, please contact us.

Members commit to a 1- to 2-year term and are rewarded with the opportunity to help others in their community and influence the future of Vector Control and Code Enforcement services and programs. We seek applicants from a variety of backgrounds, with priority given to representatives of the faith community, homeless advocates and people with a background in animal husbandry.


Contact Debbie Ward,, 503.988.3400